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What exactly does alaska financial company do?

We provide accredited investors with an alternative to stocks and bonds.  If you qualify, we offer a projected 6.00 - 7.75% return for 5 years from a pool of 1st position real estate notes.  If you are looking for a Main Street alternative to the volatility of Wall Street, you've come to the right place. [read more]


Backed by Real Estate

Your investment is secured by a pool of 1st position real estate loans with more than 50% abundant protective equity.

100% Wall-Street-Free

Your funds are invested in main street real estate, not Wall Street, which insulates your portfolio from the ups and downs of the stock market.

Fixed Principal Value

Unlike bonds, your principal value is fixed at the amount you invested, even if rates rise. 

No Fees

We make our money by borrowing from you at 6.00 – 8.25% and lending at 10.00 – 12.00%.  You get to keep your money where it belongs: in your account!


AFC’s Secured Notes are a real estate bond alternative that offers accredited investors an above market 5-year fixed return.

Series S Series A Series C Series I
Min Investment $25,000.00 $50,000.00 $50,000.00 $250,000.00
Yield 6.00% - 6.50% 7.25% - 7.75% 7.00% - 7.50% 7.75% - 8.25%
Liquidity 6 Month Lock In 3 Year Lock In 1 Year Lock In 2 Year Lock In
Term 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Cash Returns Paid Quarterly Paid Quarterly Paid Quarterly Paid Quarterly

Q: When I invest in AFC, am I investing in a single trust deed or in a pool?

A: You are investing into a pool.  Each Secured Note is backed by the same pool of trust deeds and has the same priority of repayment.

Q: What is my security?

A: You are issued a Secured Note upon investment.  Your Note is secured by a Security Agreement which pledges the assets of the funds as collateral for repayment in the event of default on your Note.  These assets consists primarily of 1st Trust Deeds, cash and real estate.

Q: What is the difference between Term and Lock In?

A: Each Secured Note is a 5-year investment.  However, you can redeem your funds with no cost or penalty after your lock-in period has elapsed.  As an illiquid investment, some restrictions apply.  See prospectus for full details.

Q: Why does each series have an interest rate range?

A: It serves as a minor inflation hedge for investors.  Each Series has a yield floor and a ceiling.  If the Prime Rate is below the floor on the last calendar day of the year, all investors receive the floor yield in the new calendar year.  If Prime is between the floor and ceiling, the Notes reset to Prime.  If Prime is above the ceiling, the Notes are capped at the ceiling. See prospectus for full details.

Q: Do I have to invest in $25K, $50K or $250K increments?

A: No.  You can invest any sum above the minimum.

Q: Can I let my interest compound?

A: Yes!  You can choose to receive a check or cash or let your interest compound quarterly.  Quarterly compounding increases your effective return.

Q: Can I invest using my retirement account?

A: Yes!  You can invest in Secured Notes using an IRA, SEP, 401K and other qualified accounts.

Fund Performance


AFC’s Secured Notes have provided investors with fixed returns since Q1 2009.  Series S was issued in Q1 2013. There have been zero losses or deviation of yield since inception in any Secured Note Series.

Historical Performance FINAL.jpg



You can invest in AFC using a retirement account.  AFC’s Secured Notes are currently approved with the several custodians. Please contact us for the full list. 

If you currently have a retirement account at a different custodian, it is a straightforward process to roll your funds into a new account at one of our approved custodians.  If you are rolling from one qualified account to another, there are no tax consequences (though we recommend you check with your CPA beforehand). 


Who is a good fit for AFC?

AFC is for you if you:

  1. Are an accredited investor.
  2. Are looking for 6.00 – 8.25% stable income.
  3. Do not need immediate liquidity.
  4. Have under-performing funds in an IRA.
  5. Like tangible real estate backing your investment.
  6. Want passive income without the hassles of holding trust deeds directly.

If you want stable income, then you should take our Alternative Income Assessment to discover how AFC can enhance your portfolio.


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